Il manifesto con il quale Jim Hall ha annunciato la nascita del progetto FreeDOS (allora chiamato PD-DOS). E' del 1 luglio 1994 circa.

  James Hall
  I would like to form a group that will, eventually, create another
  implementation of MS-DOS.  DOS appears to be a popular system, and
  there is plenty of hardware already available that is ready to
  support it.  Microsoft will not develop DOS forever, and one cannot
  count on commercial programming firms such as IBM or Digital to
  continue DOS.  I feel it is then up to those on the Internet to
  develop their own DOS (hereafter, PD-DOS) and I feel there is a lot
  of support for this type of project.
  I imagine the PD-DOS project would be best handled by dividing
  efforts into three subgroups:
  UTILITIES - Main objective is to write new, clean versions of the
  standard DOS utilities.
  DRIVERS - Goals include re-writing the device drivers for DOS,
  including a new ANSI.SYS and COUNTRY.SYS.
  KERNEL - Objective is to write a new DOS kernel, one that is capable
  of running at least most of the current DOS software.
  Much of the DOS utilities already exist as freeware.  In any case,
  I'd expect that the Utilities Group would be the first one to
  accomplish all its goals.  The Drivers Group would probably finish
  next, and the kernel last due to its relative complexity.  At each
  stage of completion, I'd expect a major release to the public,
  available via ftp sites.
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